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Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization

All your SEO efforts will be in vain if you haven't spent enough time focused on which keywords you want to target, don't understand their worth, and don't understand the competitive landscape associated with trying to rank/get traffic from these keywords.

The Future of Google's Search Personalization

Some SEOs aren't getting the message about Google's personalization of search results. Many are not seeing the writing on the wall: 2009 will likely see the end of the ranking report in SEO. It's time to acknowledge traffic, conversions, and ROI as the important metrics for any form of marketing or business.

Google AdWords Quality Score -- That's Old-School for SEO

Google's rules for improving Quality Score of AdWords ads will sound familiar to anyone who's been doing SEO. By optimizing your Web site for organic search, and building out a bunch of pages for each keyword that you're honestly interested in targeting, you'll likely end up improving your Quality Scores as well.

SEO Site Review: Custom Creations, Unlimited

Mark Jackson performs his quarterly SEO site review, and this time the subject promises to implement his recommendations. Like many Web sites, it isn't in bad shape from a SEO perspective, but it is a great example of the importance of the little things.

The Ghosts of SEO Past and Future

When banner ads first came out, there was hardly enough inventory to satisfy advertisers' needs. Paid search and search engine optimization changed all that. But SEO, too, has changed radically in the last decade.

Implementation is the Name of the Game

Implementation is a critical part of the search engine optimization process. This is where we actually make the recommended changes to the Web site. It's also where way too many SEO projects go wrong.

Are You Measuring SEO Success Correctly?

Ranking reports are flawed because they depend on everyone seeing the same search results, which just doesn't happen anymore. SEO success should be measured by the lift in organic search engine traffic. And to do that, you need to make sure your analytics are set up correctly.

What You Need to Know Before Committing to SEO

Rushing into a search engine optimization initiative without properly planning your SEO strategy is setting yourself up for failure. To enjoy the fruits that SEO can provide your site, you need to be well organized and develop a plan.

Tin Foil Hat? I Have Mine On

Google's intentions are good, but we must also remember that they aren't in the business of helping your Web site rank highly in Google. So when Google advises against URL rewriting in their Webmaster Central blog, is there an ulterior motive?

Who Audits the Auditor?

There are some individuals and companies who will provide SEO audits. But some of these folks look at this as an opportunity for them to earn new business or referral checks. So how do you get an honest opinion on whether your SEO efforts have a passing grade?

Hosting Issues and SEO

When it comes to server issues, many of us would rather not get into the down-and-dirty details. But knowing the basics of server response codes -- and when to use them correctly -- is critical for any competitive Webmaster or search marketer.

How Much Are You Spending on SEO?

Organic search results get many more clicks than the paid search results. And, due to the nature of SEO, you're not limited to a certain "budget." So why aren't more companies spending big bucks on SEO?

SEO Success -- Guess What...Content Works!

Fixing problems and implementing some search engine-friendly practices can have an immediate effect on a site's search engine rankings. But for long-term improvement, no search engine optimization technique works better than creating quality content.

Search Engine Optimization: Back To Basics

As search marketers, businesspeople, and human beings, many of us are quite busy these days. There just isn't enough time in the day for you to do everything, so here are a few ideas for SEO basics that you can look at in a short amount of time, that can lead to improved organic search ranking.

Top SEO Firms Paid for by the Following...

Our industry still has a lot of growing up to do. Participating in advertising programs masquerading as objective ratings services is not going to help us do that. The SEO industry needs to mature, become more responsible corporate citizens, and educate the masses, in a non-commercial way. Perhaps, then, we can see more companies putting faith (and budgets) behind SEO efforts, so that every SEO firm will benefit from the growth of the entire pie.

Press Releases and Search Engine Optimization

Issuing press releases without regard for SEO is a wasted opportunity. Combining press releases with SEO efforts can help gain presence in the editorial results of the search engines, even if it's not a direct presence for your actual domain.

Duplicate Content -- A True Story

Dealing with sites that steal your content is not fun. But it doesn't have to be difficult, if you follow a few simple steps before and after you discover the offending scraper sites.

What are Good Links, Anymore?

Furthering your brand through social media, press release optimization, paid search, and directory placement will "naturally" get you more recognition from the search engines. But these methods aren't paid links...or are they? The Google paid link debate rages on.