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Why Do Some Sites Rank Faster Than Others?


SEO prospects continue to ask, “How long until I’ll see results”? As with most things in SEO, the question begs more questions: how do you measure results and success, or define ROI? It’s not a simple question. And it doesn’t have a simple answer.

Selecting an SEO Firm: The What, How, and Who


When you're looking to hire an SEO agency or individual, look at their background. Don't hire based on how much they cost, or what they say that they will (or can) do. Hire based on their resume, their references, and their history of performance.

Why I Talk Most Folks Out of SEO Projects


Let’s all do our part by walking away from business that we shouldn’t take. Those SEO jobs where there is no real ROI for business owners. Let’s commit ourselves to being honest about expectations and the work necessary to see results.

7 Habits of Highly Effective SEO


Proper SEO efforts need to be worked on a regular basis to realize the types of gains that can deliver really solid, long-lasting and “optimized” (optimal) results. These are the seven key ingredients that go into an ongoing SEO effort.

Proper SEO and the Robots.txt File


When optimizing a website, don't disregard the power of robots.txt. Learn how to properly implement robots.txt to avoid search ranking problems and damaging your business, as well as how to correctly disallow search engine crawling.

Google & Link Schemes - Several Shades of Gray


What Google says about link schemes is important to understand. Understanding the gray area between what Google says and what (currently) works is a different matter. This post examines each of the examples of link schemes provided by Google.

Building a Good Link Profile: Measure Twice, Cut Once


Everyone’s link building plan should be unique. Don’t just look at link building as a tactical affair. You need to analyze your particular situation, devise a strategy, and then lay out the tactics that will help to get you where you want to be.

How Google ‘Handles’ SEO: My Beef With Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts PSA

Google can’t replace SEO. Google still needs SEO to push forward the message that companies need to produce quality content, make that content accessible and promote that content, so that it can earn the right to appear in the major search engines.

Tools to Help SEOs With ADD Get Work Done


A vast majority of SEOs believe they “suffer” from ADD. After all, SEOs are being asked to do a lot. Today, many tools are available to help folks organize their SEO work, so that ideas result in action items which (hopefully) result in results.

SEO is Both Science and Art


More often than not, the craft of search engine optimization is truly a unique practice. SEO is often misunderstood and can be painfully difficult to staff for and is, by definition, science (experimentation) and art (keyword targeting). Here’s why.

Back to Basics – SEO 101


By employing some basic SEO (keyword research, competitive analysis, writing effective title tags), combined with good link building and pages with content that targets your most important keywords, you can see higher organic search rankings.

SEO Pricing Models: How Much Should You Charge?


SEO is unique to every website, competitive environment, client goal, and assets. It is ongoing with review and optimization. Here’s a look at how search engine optimization is priced and how you might want to consider stucturing your SEO pricing.

Justifying the Value of SEO


Many factors will determine whether SEO can drive ROI for a website. Although there are no guarantees, if done right SEO can deliver more traffic and business than paid search. Here’s what a “good ROI” looks like and a couple of helpful tools.

SEO Competitive Analysis – 2011 Edition


SEO competitive analysis today is different than just a few years ago. The main components you need to consider when compiling an SEO competitive analysis are: top keywords, site structure, linking initiatives and authority, and social presence.

SEO is More Alive Than Ever

Google San Francisco Boutique Hotel 2011 SERP

SEO is dead? Long live SEO! Search engine optimization is evolving, extremely dynamic, and more alive than ever. The proof: over the past 15 months or so, we’ve had more changes in Google’s algorithm than perhaps at any time in the history of SEO.

My Love-Hate Relationship with SEO

Love Hate SEO

I love search engine optimization. It works. It can provide a lot of value and I'm a strong supporter/evangelist of the practice of SEO. At the same time, the process of gaining new business and hiring new talent sometimes makes me hate my job.

The SEO Panda Prescription: Think Like Google

If you constantly chase algorithms, you'll always be reacting to changes. To get in front of the numerous search engine algorithm changes each year and build a presence that should stand the test of time, think: "if I were Google..."