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  1. Don't Be That Site -- You Know the One

    Shopping online shouldn't hurt, cause excessive swearing, or annoy me into not spending money. Here's a list of annoying Web site habits that could be hurting your Web site conversions.

  2. Are 5 Sites Better than One?

    What's better, having one big site covering five niche topics, or five niche sites that somewhat compete against each other? Having multiple sites is not a bad thing, if you've set them up correctly, and it's possible to rank multiple sites for...

  3. Dear Google Analytics...

    I'm writing an open letter to the Google Analytics folks on behalf of my small business friends around the Web. We're getting a little frustrated with the product, and the so-called "help" within the platform.

  4. So I Have this Web Site...

    Many small business owners think that building a Web site is an end to itself, and that it will simply market itself. They soon find out there's more to it, and that's when the questions begin.

  5. My "Must Have" List of Directories

    Submitting yourself to directories that are directly related to your business is an important part of directory and linkbuilding research. For links, SERP presence, or traffic, there are a few important directories you should make sure your...

  6. Don't Ignore Your Sitemap!

    Many sites have underutilized sitemap pages. It's really a shame because these workhorse pages get so little credit, and so little attention, but they can be so important for SEO and the user experience you offer.

  7. SMB Link Building Without a Dime

    Link building doesn't have to be expensive. The first step in finding good links actually started a while ago, when you got to work writing great content that others will want to link to. Next comes scoping out your top-ranking competitors and...

  8. Marketing your SMB with Time & Elbow Grease

    It's pretty obvious everyone is hurting and everyone is tightening their belts where they can. One of the hardest things to grasp as a small business owner is where to tighten that belt, and how tight is too tight. This is the first in a series of...

  9. Users and Search Engines Want the Same Things

    Optimizing your site for users is just as important as optimizing your site for search engines. While those are two very different things, you can often serve both audiences by being smart with your Web site development.

  10. Testing Your Online Business Plan

    When a small business fails at search marketing, more often than not the problem boils down to a poorly thought-out business plan. Monetizing a Web site is so much more than slapping some ads on a page and waiting for the checks to roll in. You...

  11. E-mail Marketing Tips for Small Business

    Any well-rounded Internet marketing campaign must include a strong e-mail marketing campaign. Search plays a role when you use PPC or organic search to grow your subscriber list.

  12. The Small Business Guide to Choosing Keyword Phrases

    Keyword effectiveness index, or KEI, can help you decide which keywords are worth targeting, and which ones you are most likely to be able to compete on. Being realistic about what a page can do is a really important step in choosing the right...

  13. 25 Design Best Practices for Your Small Business Web Site

    Whether you plan to hire a designer or figure it out for yourself, there are definitely some best practices you should follow when designing your Web site. Use this list to get a good start on finding the best Web site platform and design elements...