Carrie Hill

Carrie Hill


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Carrie Hill is the co-founder of, an online marketing agency dedicated to Small Businesses and Small Budgets. During those rare moment's she's not glued to her computer, you can find her spending time with her amazing kids and extremely tolerant husband, as well as cooking, reading, and managing her menagerie of 4 dogs and a cat.

Articles by Carrie Hill

6 Things Online Marketers Are Doing Right!


Give yourself a pat on the back if your team is doing these things because it means you're doing a really good job with your online marketing strategy. You're destined to see some really great things happen in the long run if you stay vigilant.

Email Marketing – the New Mobile Marketing


Email marketing, sexy? Yes! Common sense and testing can make your email blast friendly for both mobile and non-mobile devices. Good programs can help you render nice emails. So can some planning and design thought before you're ready to send.

30 Free Ways To Market Your Small Business Site


In marketing, sometimes "free" is too good to be true. But sometimes, free is good. Looking to market your small business online with a limited budget? It can be done. Here are 30 things you can do to get started today at the low, low cost of $0.