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Chris Boggs

Chris Boggs


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Chris has been a digital marketer since 2000, starting in-house in the insurance space and subsequently assuming growing leadership roles across large agencies and SEM firms. He recently founded Web Traffic Advisors, LLC, in upstate New York. Chris consults with and coaches business and agency teams ranging from senior executives to technical, brand, content, and legal groups; helping to improve validation, efficiency, internal acumen, and implementation. Chris has diverse experience across major e-commerce platforms, pharma, retail, and other industries.

Since 2004 he has been a highly rated speaker and moderator at conferences and partner events all over the world, covering search engine marketing, social media, analytics, and evolving tactics including the promotion of better SEO integration across marketing channels. He has served on the Global Board of Directors of SEMPO since 2006, and co-hosts the weekly podcast SEO Rockstars from Chris blogs for various industry publications, but most of his writing involves analysis and recommendations for clients, while promoting integrated online marketing and branding to a qualified target audience.


Articles by Chris Boggs

  1. SEO Diagnostics: Proactive and Reactive Diplomacy

    When analyzing your SEO world, it's important to make a non-biased diagnosis of your progress. Use search engines to proactively study your environment and think beyond just traffic and conversions - think about accessibility considerations.

  2. SEO Tools -- Worth the Time and Money?

    An overview of some free and paid tools that executives and non-SEO trained individuals can gain value from when evaluating internal or outsourced search engine optimization efforts.

  3. When to Run Away from an SEO Company

    There are some tactics that should raise a red flag if your SEO company tries to sell them to you. Others are so outdated and worthless, that they should send you packing out the door.

  4. Common SEO Problems of E-commerce Sites

    All sites must address technical infrastructure, content and linking strategies. For large e-commerce sites, some problems in these areas are magnified due to the size and complexity of their sites.

  5. How Long Should It Take for SEO to Show Results?

    How long it takes to show results from SEO will depend on several factors, including age of the site and the level of competition. Another important variable is whether you're working on a new site or updating an old one.

  6. Google Sitelinks for Directory-Level Pages

    Monitoring important directory levels of a domain should become an immediate strategy consideration for all large companies performing SEO, not to mention anyone with a site that has the structure and authority to merit sitelinks at the root domain.

  7. Customer Segmentation and SEO -- A Beautiful Couple

    Search engine optimization on its own can be a very useful tactic to bring leads to your site. But developing a deeper understanding of your primary markets and using customer segmentation in your content become important SEO considerations that...

  8. Performance Management for SEO Teams

    Disciplined companies that are able to drive efficiencies through performance reviews and goal-setting can get an edge in SEO as well. Setting expectations and creating consistent, attainable goals can help all members of an SEO team to make a...

  9. A Guide to Search Engine Strategies New York 2009

    Search Engine Strategies New York, usually the largest of the three U.S.-based shows on the SES circuit, is upon us. One of the original search-focused conferences has grown into a must-attend for in-house and agency specialists needing updated...

  10. Combating SEO Implementation Paralysis

    For many years, SEO consultants and agencies have faced one major challenge, beyond keeping up with ever-changing organic ranking algorithms: lack of implemented recommendations. Let's look at some causes of this implementation paralysis, and ways...

  11. Be My Valentine: Please Link to Me?

    Requesting links is like asking someone to be your Valentine. You have to be sweet, and you'll get a lot of yeses simply by asking. But if you act strange, or go somewhere that you don't really belong and start asking for Valentines, all you'll...