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The Dangers of a One-Dimensional Link Building Plan

Link Building Out of Balance

If you find yourself focused on one link building initiative, even if it’s focused on your audience, then consider developing a focus on another area or two. A balanced SEO strategy has almost always been good business, and still is today.

Growth of Conversions on a New Site


Conversions don't seem to grow along the same curve as traffic – they grow more slowly. If at first you don't succeed growing organically, be patient. It's reasonable to expect that the first traffic you get will be from lower converting keywords.

Redefining Unique Content

Google Duplicate Content Example Taylor Swift Speak Now CD

If Google's Panda update is not designed to punish websites that publish duplicate content, then how is it affecting search results? Here's one assessment.

8 Flawed Link Building Strategies

While there are a few relatively low effort/cost link building strategies, such as directories and reciprocal links, these have limited value. Here's how you can get in trouble when trying to acquire low quality links.

How Much Optimization is Too Much?

When figuring out what to do with your site, see what other players in the same space are doing. This can help you identify some boundaries for your search engine optimization efforts.

The Death of Natural Linking

Social media will become a big ranking factor. The next question for SEOs to answer: how do you balance your investment in link building with your investment in social media?