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Eric Enge

Eric Enge


Stone Temple Consulting

Eric Enge is the president of Stone Temple Consulting, an SEO consultancy with offices in Massachusetts and California.

Articles by Eric Enge

  1. Your Job Is to Make Google Look Good

    Yes, that's right, if you want Google traffic, your job is to make Google look good. This post will explore why this is true, and what it means for your SEO strategy.

  2. How to Sell Your SEO Plan With 5 Slides in 5 Minutes

    You never really have more than five minutes to make "the sale." Here are five different people offering different common objections to implementing an SEO strategy. Each scenario offers ideas for making your pitch in five minutes with five slides.

  3. Search Engine Basic Concepts

    Baffled by search engines and how they work? Not technical in orientation? Here's a layman's level explanation of the basics of search engines – including the critical concepts of relevance, popularity, segmentation, diversity, trust, and quality.

  4. Title Tags & SEO: 3 Golden Rules

    Title tags remain an important part of SEO, and are well worth some attention. When writing your title tags, you should have one distinct page for each major user need you address, avoid overdoing the granularity, and never reuse title tags.

  5. 6 SEO Predictions for 2014

    Expect to start seeing the impact of Hummingbird in full force, significant additions in natural language search capability, the impact of Google+ grow, guest posting take more hits, and sites with no mobile implementation take some rankings hits.

  6. 6 Major Google Changes Reveal the Future of SEO

    PageRank and keyword obsession is fading away. Google is now pushing you to focus on understanding your target users, producing great content, establishing your authority and visibility, and providing a great experience for the users of your site.

  7. From Old School to New School: SEO in Transition

    SEO is growing up and can no longer operate in a silo. Successful SEO efforts will be one component of a larger marketing plan, but an important and integrated component of that plan. Act now and grab an edge over many of your competitors.

  8. Google+ & SEO: How Google+ Impacts Search Results

    Google+ can be a powerful component of your digital marketing strategy. The personalization impact of Google+ is strong. Posts can rank in the SERPs. Plus, after Hummingbird, it's likely that Google+ will influence non-personalized search results.

  9. Content Curation & SEO: A Bad Match?

    Content curation could be an extremely risky practice if you don't put a lot of effort in, or it lacks editorial voice or a distinctive point of view. After all, Google already has a curated list of content. It's called their search results.

  10. Google Doesn't Care if it Ranks Your Site Properly

    If you've been negatively impacted by an algorithmic update, it's easy to blame Google. Instead, try to figure out what your site has in common with other sites that were targeted. Finding the bad signature and fixing it is the key to your recovery.

  11. After Google Panda, Standout Content is Essential

    The need for true content differentiation is increasing rapidly. People don't need millions of different sources providing the same answers. Don't fall victim to "sameness." Do something special! Here are some ways to assess your content.

  12. Is it Time to Take a Machete to Your SEO Strategy?

    Has your site been subject to a steady decline in organic search traffic? Or even hit by a penalty? Either of these are likely signals that something is wrong in how Google perceives your site. It's time to get clean and let go of bad SEO practices.

  13. Penguin 2.0 Forewarning: The Google Perspective on Links

    If you've been building bad links, you need to start getting in front of it now. Google has warned that a major update is coming. Start getting your business on a sound long-term footing now by building unimpeachable links and eliminating bad ones.

  14. Want to Rank in Google? Build Your Author Rank Now

    If you want your content to rank in Google's search results, start building your author authority now. Author Rank is going to be a big deal. Here are some social signals Google can potentially obtain and use that supports the notion of Author Rank.