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Erik Qualman

Erik Qualman

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  1. Live Search Cashback vs. Google: A Case Study

    It's an interesting marketing concept, but how do the Live Search results measure up to Google, the de-facto search engine standard? A test of product-based queries on each finds the results promising, but mixed.

  2. Microsoft Search CashBack: Stealing from Google?

    Microsoft announced it will give cash back to people who use Live Search and subsequently click-through and make a purchase. Don't look now, but the Live Search CashBack program just might steal that cash (in the form of market share) back from...

  3. Social Media = Society's Watchdog

    Are social networks so powerful to cause an adjustment in personal and corporate behavior on a macro level? You bet your camera phone they are. For companies and individuals, it's necessary to live your life as if everyone is watching...since they...