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Social Community: Free Pancakes Anyone?

Human beings long for a sense of community, like a charity pancake breakfast, and this isn't lost with social media. Starbucks, Ben & Jerry's and others gave freebies on Election Day -- did it work as well as fresh pancakes?

President 2.0

In the same way JFK benefitted from the emerging medium of television, Barack Obama was helped into the White House by the increasing popularity of social media. His appeal to younger audiences, and need to get exposure in a primary race against an established opponent led Obama to develop his online strategy. Businesses can learn from his campaign.

Trick or Tweet for CNN

Social media is revolutionary. It allows CNN anchor Rick Sanchez to have a relationship with 30,000 people, and make a connection with them that can translate to other media. Companies need to relinquish the total control they've had and allow users, consumers, viewers, etc. to take their rightful ownership.

Obama is Winning the Internet War

Election Day in the U.S. is fast approaching and it's anyone's guess who will win...or is it? Based on five key indicators on the Internet, maybe we already know who will next be sitting in the Oval Office. A look at these indicators shows how they can be applied to your business.

Economic Depression 2.0

Using some past economic low times as historical guides, what can the online world expect in the coming months? One likely outcome is a permanent shift from traditional channels to online marketing. Yes, online marketing could reach the highest percentage of marketing spend sooner than any of us imagined.

(Google) Insights on VP Candidate Sarah Palin

The recently announced Google Insights tool provides unprecedented data on Google's user searches and trends. Here are three quick tips on how to leverage Google Insights, whether you're running a Presidential race or a brand marketing campaign.

Avoiding Online Missteps with Generation Y and Millenniums

Often, millions of dollars are spent on tailoring a marketing message to a youth audience, and not enough is spent to tailor the actual product or service we're delivering. But marketers need only look to the simplicity of Facebook and Craigslist to see that success with young people doesn't need to come in a fancy package.

Has Facebook Found the Key to Making Money via Search?

While it's anyone's guess what will be rolled out at the f8 Facebook Developers Conference on July 23, the buzz is predicting an announcement of e-commerce and micro-payment capabilities. And once there's scale to the commercial transactions taking place on Facebook, then people will start searching for things rather than just people. Small businesses need to start paying attention.

Can Google Predict the Next President?

A look at Google Trends comparative data can help guide companies in making strategic decisions. The same can be done in the political world, as McCain and Obama are trying to build up their respective "brands" in the eyes of voters.