Steve Haar

Steve Haar

Steve Haar is the senior director of media at Leapfrog Online, where he oversees search marketing and other vertical efforts. Haar sits on the IAB Search Committee, SEMPO Global Search Committee, and the steering committee for the Click Quality Council. He combines his past experience in offline branding and mass media with his passion for online marketing in his blog, Think About Search.

Articles by Steve Haar

Defending SEM During a Recession

If a recession does come, search marketers will need to defend their budgets, and even their jobs. Defining past value to the company, and future contributions, can be a straightforward process.

SEO Expectations and Commitments

You need a strategy to educate the decision-makers who will never actually do SEO, but who cut the check or approve the time spent for SEO. They need to know what to expect, and what's expected of them.