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When will ROBO's Time Come?

"Research online, buy offline," (ROBO) is the concept that a growing volume of product research is happening online while the majority of buying remains offline in physical stores. A growing number of local search engines are basing their business model on the concept. But why haven't ROBO features picked up on a mass market level?

For Local Search, It's All About the Online-Offline Gap

The need to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds is a key issue in local search. Though search volume continues to rise and capture a growing percentage of product research, more than 95 percent of actual purchase behavior in the U.S. still takes place offline.

Has Mobile Local Search Finally Arrived?

Can the iPhone and Google's Android fix the limitations that have plagued mobile advertising and mobile search? It could take a couple years to really get moving, but after a long period of being rusted shut, it appears that the wheels are finally starting to creak forward on local mobile search.

What Can TV Learn from Search?

A few television and cable companies appear to have taken a page from the online marketing playbook. But if television networks are to take a page from the Internet, they should take the entire page. In other words it's not just effective placement, but direct response capability that has made search marketing shine.

The 3G iPhone: Good Things Come in Threes

Social media has been positioned by many as a killer app for mobile, along with local search. The combination of all three -- mobile, local, and social -- makes sense, as they go hand in hand in lots of situations. The new 3G iPhone could introduce entirely new ways to think about mobile, and a whole new batch of mobile products built on them.

Black, White, and Blue all Over

The LA Times is in the midst of an aggressive online product rollout. If anyone should be able to build solid local content sites, it's newspapers. It's their game to lose, with a sizeable but quickly closing head start, as publishers across the country sit on their hands.

Think Universal, Act Local

Much of the discussion around Universal search, or blended search, focuses on video and images. But local search may be a more important factor, one that has the greatest impact in blended search results.