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Local Deals: The Platypus of the Post PC Era


Is the deals space imploding? Evidence of an impending fatality has been over exaggerated and in some cases misreported. The daily deals space will look a lot different in two years, but it won't be dead. Here's what's really going to happen.

Mobile, Local, Barcodes, and Bathroom Stalls


A perfect storm is brewing for mobile advertising in search, display, and SMS; and across mobile web and native apps. But what does it all mean for mobile local advertising and search? Here are some QR code marketing dos and don'ts.

Mobile, Deals & Payments: Closing the Local Loop


Since the Google Wallet/Offers combo punch, we’ve seen a few other examples of mobile, deals and payments coming together to close the local loop. It’s the Holy Grail of local (and search), and it’s only just beginning to take form.

Will Local Make up 70% of Mobile Ad Spending?

Local vs National Ad Spend in Mobile

The local portion of the total mobile ad market is forecast to grow from $404 million to $2.8 billion, increasing its share from 51 percent to 70 percent by 2015. This is why local will command such a large share of overall mobile ad spending.

Discovering the Right SoLoMo Formula

The mobile discovery trend is taking on new forms with growing smartphone penetration, and a Groupon-fueled hunger for the deals infused with apps carrying the social, local, mobile (SoLoMo) banner.

Reselling SEM: Google Walks the Line

Google reaches out to a skeptical reseller community that helps sell search marketing to the massive but elusive small business segment, trying to repair the damage done by shutting down the Authorized Reseller Program.

Mobile Local Search and the New Click Fraud

Check-ins may be the new currency of mobile local search, but sites like Foursquare will need tools to prevent users from gaming the system using what could become the offline version of click fraud: "check-in fraud."

Who's Winning the Geo-social Game?

In addition to consumer appeal and massive scale, the winner in the local geo-social mobile game will have direct touch points with SMBs or be able to build or partner to get them.