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Michael Boland

Michael Boland

Senior Analyst


Michael Boland is analyst and program director of BIA/Kelsey's Mobile Local Media program. Mike is a frequent speaker and organizer at top industry conferences, including Search Engine Strategies and BIA/Kelsey events. Prior to joining BIA/Kelsey, Boland spent several years as a technology journalist.

Articles by Michael Boland

  1. The Mobile Local Opportunity, By the Numbers

    One of the highest performance-driving factors will be effective location targeting. That's not just geotargeting, but a holistic location strategy, including things like ad copy and tangible calls to action like phone calls and directions.

  2. Mobile Search in the Age of Holiday Shopping Insanity

    As the holiday shopping season kicks off with record Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, it's a good time to examine how retailers are equipped to handle the onslaught of shopping search activity. The short answer: Most aren't. But it can be done.

  3. Mobile Ad Revenue Outlook: Local Search Leads the Way

    Local's growing share of mobile advertising will come about as brand advertisers increasingly evolve their campaigns to the realities of mobile usage and the native capabilities of the device. Mobile advertising will also move down market to SMBs.

  4. Mobile & Local Join the Big Data Movement

    A new batch of companies are bringing more data into the picture by layering in historical behavior, demographics, or users' movements. The goal is to bring more context to a given device, or to a spot on the map. Call it big data meets local.

  5. Mobile Forecast: Local Dominates Ad Spend

    Location targeted ads represent under half of mobile ad dollars, growing to almost 2/3 by 2016. This measures mobile ads shown based on location, geo-modified search term, or those who have geographically relevant ad copy or calls to action.

  6. Local Mobile Ad Revenues Forecast: $5 Billion by 2016

    Mobile local ad revenues will grow to $5.01 billion in 2016. Meanwhile, mobile local search volume will intersect desktop local searches in 2015. Further boosting search's share of mobile local ad revenue: location-targeted mobile search ads.

  7. Customers Are Mobile, Now Retail Must Follow

    The online-offline gap has long been a challenge for Internet marketers. Now it appears that the previous paradigm – researching online for real-world purchasing – is beginning to flip the other way, with the rise of "showrooming".

  8. Trover: Local Search and Discovery Through Images

    Trover is a new mobile local discovery app built around geotagged images. Trover’s CEO discusses possible futures for crowdsourced location-based search directories and the potential these new platforms to deliver more relevant, personalized ads.

  9. Google's Battle for the Mobile Web

    Google and optimized mobile websites win by way of more traffic and searches. The latter slowly happens with the reinforcement of the quality of the mobile web. As more mobile sites are built, guess who will want to index and make sense of it all.