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Google Launches Panda 4.0

Four Pandas

It's official. Panda 4.0 has officially hit the Google search results. Google and Matt Cutts have confirmed Panda 4.0 began rolling out yesterday, and it has caused some waves in the search results along with an update targeting spammy queries.

10 SEO Myths Debunked by Bing's Duane Forrester

SEO Myths

Hot on the heels of Google's Matt Cutts discussing what he feels are the biggest SEO myths, Bing's Duane Forrester has written about what he feels are 10 of the biggest myths in SEO. While some are true SEO myths, a few fall under best practices.

Matt Cutts: Google Won't Devalue Links Anytime Soon

Matt Cutts

With Google stepping up its efforts to penalize link networks and those who buy and sell links, and algorithms like Panda meant to reward sites with high-quality content, how important will backlinks be to Google's search algorithm in the future?

Bing Ads Now Lets You Review 50,000 Keywords

Bing Ads Keywords

Bing Ads has made a change to their Keywords Tab to allow advertisers to review up to 50,000 keywords within their user interface. Previously, if you had more than 5,000 keywords, an alert would appear asking you to narrow down the keywords scope.

Why Google Changes Your Titles in Search Results

Matt Cutts

How does Google determine what they will use for the title of your page in search results? Is it influenced by schema? Is this influenced by certain headings (H1s or H2s)? Why won't Google just show your title tag? Google's Matt Cutts explains.