Mike Grehan

Mike Grehan

Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director


Articles by Mike Grehan

Surveying the Search Landscape

Danny Sullivan's keynote address at Search Engine Strategies has become a must-see event for conference attendees. At the Chicago conference he took the opportunity to look back over the year's search engine events and gaze into his crystal ball toward the future.

Search Memories

Veterans of AltaVista, Excite and Infoseek reminisce about the early days of web search, and opine about Google, then and now.

Google PageRank Lunacy

The quest by some to improve their Google PageRank score seems to have reached the point of sheer madness. Even common decency may be abandoned in futile attempts by desperate (or simply less educated) online marketers and others who will seemingly stop at nothing to try and gain links in hopes of seeing more green in their Google toolbar.