Mike Grehan

Mike Grehan

Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director


Articles by Mike Grehan

New Signals to Search Engines Revisited


Search engines have evolved from primitive crawling technology and now have a very powerful combination of signals. This downloadable PDF “thought paper” shows how end user data, social, mobile, and personalization are shaping the future of search.

How Search Engines Work


Download this PDF, which offers a basic understanding of the science of information retrieval on the web. "How Search Engines Work" goes a long way toward helping search marketers dispel myths and do their jobs more professionally and proficiently.

Meet the Experts at SES Chicago 2011


A fabulous lineup of speakers, practitioners, and best-selling authors are ready to break into roundtables to meet, greet, and answer your search and social questions personally and in full during our annual Midwest online marketing bonanza.

SES Berlin Teams Up With OMCap 2011


Attention German search marketers: get ready for a real treat this October. The ever-popular SES Berlin Is running in conjunction with Germany's other popular search and social event, OMCap 2011, for a conference crammed with marketing intelligence.

Filthy Linking Nostalgia


Websites that have the most links rank more highly and are therefore discovered more often. And the more often they are discovered, the more links they acquire, making these sites "Filthy Linking Rich." What was true in 2004 remains true today.

The Google Spam-Jam

Google must find an effective, scalable solution to fight spammy web results, rather than just plugging holes in its old PageRank model for organic results.