Mary Ellen Bates

Mary Ellen Bates

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Geeking Out on Statistics

Finding reliable statistics on the web isn't always easy, but a massive central data source called offers a handy way to search multiple stats repositories.

Google As News Archivist

Until recently, it was difficult to find news archives on the web more than 30 days old. That's changed in a big way with the advent of Google's News Archive search.

Do You Kebberfegg?

RSS feeds offer a great way to pull in interesting, relevant information—but finding good feeds can be a challenge. A goofy-sounding tool called Kebberfegg offers an elegant solution to that problem.

Finding Articles Online

When you're looking for magazine or journal articles, search engines can be helpful, but other specialized search tools are often a better bet—particularly in the academic, scholarly and sci-tech areas.

A Pair of Web Pathfinding Gems

Though we rely heavily on search engines these days, sometimes a good 'old fashioned' human edited directory is a better choice for helping us locate high quality information on the web.

Introducing a New Web Search Contender

These days, web search is dominated by giants, and it's rare to see the emergence of a new potentially world-class search engine. Meet Exalead, a powerful search tool with features not offered by the major search engines.

Just the Facts, Please

While the major search engines continue to dabble with shortcuts to reference sources, Wikipedia and have quietly evolved into two of the most comprehensive online search resources for quick, free and reliable ready reference information.

Hidden Google Tools

Even if you consider yourself a Google expert, these 'hidden' tools and resources let you push the search engine's capabilities to the max.

Searching the Web World Wide

Finding global information often means going beyond your favorite search engine. These strategies and tactics from 20 expert researchers from around the world can help.