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  1. Obama vs. Romney: Who’s Winning the YouTube Vote?

    President Obama is trouncing Romney with 53 percent of total shares – 69 percent of the ads shared on blogs, 86 percent of the ads shared on Twitter, and 51 percent of the ads shared on Facebook, according to Unruly's 2012 Election Tracker.

  2. Why Geo-Rankings are an SEO KPI Game Changer #SESCHI

    Rankings change significantly based on the locations where searches originate. SES Chicago 2012 attendees will learn how to effectively target their audience using this data and show companies whether they are getting the most from their SEO agency.

  3. 3 Key Reasons You Should Attend SES Chicago 2012

    Keep competitive and up to date with industry trends at this year's SES Chicago, which will feature 58 sessions offering an in-depth education on SEO, social, analytics, mobile, video, and many more topics that will benefit most organizations.

  4. ComScore Introduces Validated Campaign Essentials

    This new video validation technology from comScore also delivers insight on whether the video ad was actually seen by a real viewer, bringing these metrics into closer alignment with TV based on a similar “opportunity to see” standard.

  5. How to Launch an Ad Campaign on YouTube for the Holidays

    Marketers should be launching ad campaigns on YouTube in time for the holidays. To do so, you’ll need to make a video, using these best practices to create compelling content. Then, follow these five steps to launch your first YouTube ad campaign.

  6. YouTube TrueView Ads a Recipe for Success for BBQGuys

    By keeping costs low with TrueView ads, the team has been able to purchase relevant, generic video keywords, which has raised brand awareness and increased click-throughs in ads that appear alongside Google search results.