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Andy Betts

Andy Betts

Strategy, Marketing & Development Consultant

Andy Betts has worked in search marketing from its conception in the UK. In the past 12 years Andy has worked for, and with, many of the world's largest agencies and brands helping formulate marketing, business, and search strategies for companies such as Apple, HP, HSBC, United Airlines, Lexis Nexis, and Saxo Bank. Andy has also spent considerable time consulting in Europe, APAC, and in the USA working with Google, Performics, Publicis and Dentsu. Andy also consultants for many search and digital technology startups, agencies, and direct advertisers on sales and marketing.

Articles by Andy Betts

  1. Content Conundrum: The Vanity vs. Performance Dilemma

    The rise of vanity metrics often distracts content authors from the true meaning and value of publishing great content. You shouldn't create content based on vanity metrics. The best content balances firm audience, personal, and business objectives.

  2. The Search Marketing Roller Coaster: 2012 Year in Review

    Well, 2012 has been one of hell a ride for search marketers. The only way to describe it is a series of up’s and down’s, thrills and spills, twists and turns. Here’s a look at the key changes the industry has faced and a list of top articles.

  3. SEO – Content | Confusion | Clarity

    Content marketing is a huge, vitally important part of company and marketing strategy. But if you’re considering content marketing as an alternative to SEO, you must first understand integrated marketing across search, digital, and offline channels.

  4. Search Marketing Olympics: Chasing Gold Rankings

    As search marketers begin to flex their muscles, stretch, and prepare for new events in the Search Marketing Olympics, it’s vital to optimize across all search marketing disciplines if you aim to dominate top positions in SERPs.

  5. Future of SEO: Investment, Innovation & Integration

    It’s up to the individuals to adapt to a new way of working. From strategy to tactics to implementation – the platforms and tools are changing and so must we. Leaders like Rand Fishkin and Dixon Jones show us they way with investment and innovation.

  6. 7 New Ways to Think About SEO & Converged Media Metrics

    As we adapt to the convergence of SEO, social, content, and digital media channels, there has never been a better time to think about new ways of looking at measuring, not just SEO, but converged, earned, and business related metrics.

  7. Future of SEO: Change, Convergence, Collaboration

    The way you work, the tools you use, and your approach to SEO has changed. Be open to changing the way you think about SEO and willing to change the way you view the search world. Take advantage of these opportunities, tools, and platforms.