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  1. Eric Schmidt: Google vs. Apple Fight a Big Win for Users

    The ongoing battle between Apple and Google for supremacy in the mobile market is the "defining fight" in the industry, says Google's Executive Chairman. Eric Schmidt also said Apple has learned "maps are hard" and they should have kept Google Maps.

  2. Google Warns of State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

    Search giant Google has begun warning users that their accounts could be at risk from government-organized cyber-attacks as the firm looks to educate users of the risks they face on the web. The messages began appearing on Tuesday.

  3. FTC Hopes to Resolve Google Antitrust Inquiry Before 2013

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is aiming to resolve its antitrust investigation into Google's search practices by the end of the year. FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz says that the organization is working to have an outcome as soon as possible.

  4. Google: Olympics Fuel Mobile Search Surge

    Olympic-related searches increased 10-fold in the first week of the Games, as people around the world kept up with results on the move. Olympics-related searches were mobile 46 percent of the time in the UK and 47 percent of the time in the U.S.

  5. Fake Facebook Profiles Top 83 Million

    More than 83 million Facebook accounts are fake, the social network has revealed in a new SEC filing. That represents 8.7 percent of Facebook's user base. Facebook blames the accounts on duplication, misclassification, and undesirables.

  6. Bing Search Rolls Out New Look in UK

    Bing has announced a number of changes designed to improve the user experience for searchers. Bing said the service improvements include faster page loading times and a greater relevance in search results, as well as some cosmetic changes.

  7. UK Reopens Google Street View Wi-Fi Investigation

    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has reopened its investigation into Google's Street View Wi-Fi collecting in light of recent revelations that the company was fully aware the technology would grab users' data off Wi-Fi networks.

  8. Yahoo CEO Attacked for Embellishing Resume

    Yahoo's leadership dramas refuse to die down. Recently appointed chief executive Scott Thompson may have embellished his resume by claiming to hold a degree in accounting and computer science, when the degree was actually just for accounting.

  9. Google CEO: Android Not a Critical Asset

    Google's Android system isn't "critical" to the company's success, although it's an "important" part of its future, according to testimony this week from Google CEO Larry Page as the company tries to defend itself in its legal battle with Oracle.

  10. Google-Oracle $1 Billion Android Patent Trial Begins

    The trial between Google and Oracle over the use Java software within the Android operating system began in California yesterday with the selection of the jury. It is likely Oracle will seek around $1 billion in damages from Google.

  11. Google: 130 Million 'Bad Ads' Were Killed in 2011

    Google claims it has halved the number of scam ads being displayed across its services thanks to new technologies and improved detection methods. Still, some illegal ads for pharmacies, mortgage scams, and the 2012 Olympics snuck through.

  12. Google-Apple Search Deal Attracts FTC Attention

    Google's position as the default search engine on Apple's mobile devices is drawing scrutiny from the U.S. FTC. Apple has been subpoenaed for information on its deals with Google to make it the preferred search engine on iPhones and iPads.

  13. New Google Privacy Policy Changes Now in Effect

    Google yesterday moved forward with its planned changes to its privacy policies despite some objections from consumer groups, European regulators, and 36 U.S. attorney general concerned the changes don't conform to data protection rules.

  14. Apple Buys Chomp to Improve App Search

    Apple, which now boasts more than 500,000 apps in its App Store, is aiming to improve search and discovery features. In a deal rumored to be worth $50 million, Apple has acquired start-up Chomp to revamp App Store search and recommendations.