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Dan Worth

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Dan Worth is the news editor for V3 having first joined the site as a reporter in November 2009. He specialises in a raft of areas including fixed and mobile telecoms, data protection, social media and government IT. Before joining V3 Dan covered communications technology, data handling and resilience in the emergency services sector on the BAPCO Journal

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Articles by Dan Worth

  1. Google to Close Orkut Social Netwok

    Google is closing the doors on its social media service, Orkut, to focus on more profitable areas of its business. The tech giant has given users a three-month period to export profile data.

  2. Android Wear: Google Reveals New Wearable Tech

    Google has unveiled a new version of its Android operating system called Android Wear, designed specifically for use in wearable devices, as the firm seeks to provide developers with tools to build apps for new hardware form factors.

  3. French Privacy Watchdog Fines Google €150,000

    Google has been fined by the French data protection authority after it ruled that Google's privacy policy doesn't comply with the country's data protection laws. Google must publish an announcement of the decision on its France homepage for two days.

  4. Google Now Allows Gmail and Calendar Data Downloads

    Finally, Google will allow users to download data from their Gmail and Google Calendars, a function that has long been available on many of their other services. The feature will help users who want to store an offline backup of their information.

  5. Google Names Next Android Operating System KitKat

    The Android 4.4 operating system will be called KitKat. A deal with Nestlé, which owns the Kit Kat name, came about after a decision by Google to take a break from the norm and name its latest OS after a candy bar. No money changed hands.

  6. Google Fights U.S. Government Over FISA Order Data

    Google has filed a legal challenge to the U.S. government, demanding the right to reveal more information on the data requests it receives. It wants to publish how many FISA requests it receives and users or accounts encompassed within such requests.

  7. Google Wants to Launch Trusted Stores in UK

    Google is looking to bring its Trusted Stores program to the UK later this year. With thousands of U.S. retailers now signed up, the firm's UK industry retailer leader, John Gillan, is pushing to bring the service to the UK.

  8. Is Google's Unified Privacy Policy Illegal in Europe?

    Google's revised privacy policy is under investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and five other European agencies. The search giant has so far refused to take any action to appease privacy and data protection concerns.

  9. Google Submits Response to EC Antitrust Regulators

    Google has submitted a response to the European Commission. Competition Commissioner Joaquín Almunia confirmed that Google submitted the documents just in time for the deadline set by the EC. No details of the response have been made public.

  10. Google UK Search Market Share Slips Below 90%

    Google's search market share in UK is much bigger than USA. However, new data from web tracking firm Experian Hitwise found that Google's share of search queries in October 2012 dropped by one percent for a second consecutive month.

  11. Google Drive Adds Google+ Sharing Functions

    Google has announced another upgrade to its Google Drive storage and sharing tool that will allow users to post information directly into their Google+ accounts to share information such as presentations, PDFs, videos and other data with colleagues.