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Twitter: Google Search Plus Your World Bad for Web Users

V3 reporter Dan Worth
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google-awesome-thingsTwitter has criticized Google's major search update unveiled on Tuesday, claiming they are "bad" for web users, as they make it harder to find information.

Google explained that the "Google, plus Your World" update would now start drawing on information from its Google+ social networking tool as part of its search returns in order to offer a more personalized search experience for users.

However, in a statement, Twitter said the enhancements wouldn't help the web giant compete with it when it came to providing real-time, personalized information within its search results.

"Twitter has emerged as a vital source of this real-time information. As we've seen time again, news breaks first on Twitter. As a result, Twitter accounts and Tweets are often the most relevant (search) results," it said. "We're concerned that, as a result of Google's changes, finding this information will be much harder for everyone. We think that's bad for people, publishers, news organizations and Twitter users."

The firm's general counsel for policy, trust and safety, Alex Macgillivray, tweeted that he thought the update from Google was a "bad day for the internet", as it would "warp" searches.

However, in a statement, and an update on its Google+ page, Google said it was unsure why Twitter had made the statement, claiming that it was the micro-blogging site that had called an end to the deal between the two firms that allowed Google to index Twitter messages within searches.

"We are a bit surprised by Twitter's comments about Search plus Your World, because it chose not to renew its agreement with us last summer," it said.

The spat between the two companies underlines the escalating battle for dominance in the social market as both firms attempt to emulate the success of Facebook.

This article was originally published on V3.

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