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Update: SES Chicago Speakers and Sessions

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First of all, a hearty thank you to those of you who took the time to submit new and compelling session ideas. Some of the topics were especially captivating and have been chosen for the Chicago agenda. Thank you also to everyone who has sent in a proposal to speak. We received a record number of submissions and are now in the process of confirming selected speakers. Please remember – the deadline for submitting a speaking proposal is October 30th!


Event: December 8-12, 2008
Deadline for pitching new sessions: Deadline has passed
Deadline for pitching to speak at existing sessions: October 30, 2008

Speaking Guidelines are here.

The Speaker Submission Form is here.

As always, priority consideration is given to practitioner case studies, especially when they are presented by a representative of the organization. Please find below some of the panels where we still have openings and welcome speaker suggestions:

“Social Responsibility in a 2.0 World” – For this session we are looking for a non-profit organization or an organization with a recognized corporate social responsibility policy.

“Search & Packaged Goods” – For this session we are looking for a brand dealing in packaged goods online.

“SEO Through Blogs & Feeds”

“Getting Vertical Search Right”

“Shopping Search Tactics” - For this session we are looking for speakers from a brand.

“eCommerce 101: Optimizing Your Shopping Cart for Search”

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