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Google+ Now Lets You Ignore or Block People

Danny Goodwin
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Has someone added you on Google+ but you have no clue who they are, or you really just don’t want to be associated with them? Now you can ignore or block them, Google engineer Olga Wichrowska has announced.

When you ignore somebody, which can be done by clicking “Ignore” next to their name via a notification from the black Google+ bar, from the Notifications stream, or by highlighting their name from your Circles page, you will no longer see their posts in the Incoming stream, get notifications about their activities, or see them on your Circles page. If you hit the ignore button on someone, that person won't be notified by Google+.

You’ll then see a message that the person wasn’t added to your circles, and you'll be given the option to undo this or go further and block the person.

Blocking someone will remove the person from your extended circles, you’ll no longer see their posts in the Stream, they won’t see anything you share, and they won’t be able to comment on your posts. In addition to blocking in the same locations as where the ignore option exists, you can block anyone by visiting their profile. You can unblock profiles by visiting their profile page or via your Circles page (click the More Actions link, then View blocked).

There is also an option to ignore all.

Kathleen Ko also announced a change to the Notification menu and "view all notifications" page. Now you will see who added you on Google+ as well as who added you back on Google+.

A couple other recent Google+ updates:

  • Photos of You: You can now view all the people you’ve been tagged with on one page by clicking on the photos icon and then clicking on the “Photos of you” link.
  • Reshare Posts from Google+ Android App: If you have the latest version of the Google+ Android app, you can now reshare posts. Tap the post, choose your Circle, add a comment, and share. This is also coming soon to iOS and the mobile web.

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