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Bing Shopping Adds 7 New Features to Improve Searching, Sharing

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Bing is continuing its commitment to an intuitive and comprehensive shopping interface with a large lineup of extra features on Bing Shopping. This includes easier filtering, a new filter option, better browse pages, and a Facebook share option.

The Key Changes

Bing announced seven new features. Users can now:

  1. Add one or more filters directly through the search bar when at
  2. See "product-level deals to the site," letting them view discounted products at a glance.
  3. Add a filter to find discounted products.
  4. Add a filter to show only results from favorite stores.
  5. Share shopping lists on Facebook.
  6. Store multiple shopping lists (previously, you could only store one).
  7. More easily navigate several major "browse pages" in the shop by category segment.

Bing Shopping Filters Shoes

While several of these items are focused on streamlining the user-end while empowering the back-end, the addition of Facebook sharing further entrenches Bing with the world's largest social site. Bing already allows sharing of vacation plans, search results, and individual products.

The new features follow Bing's redesign of Bing Shopping in April, and the addition of shopping features such as mall maps. It's not particularly surprising that we're seeing frequent and substantial changes. Since Bing was released, it's been heavily committed to a small group of its services, with Bing Travel, Entertainment, and Shopping at the top of the list.

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