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Coke vs. Pepsi Challenge for Search Engines
Search Engine Watch Forums

"How about white labeling search results from Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask Jeeves and asking a group of individuals which results are better. They will not know which results are from which engines. All they will know are the results. Wonder which search engine will be deemed as most relevant?"

How Many Impressions Does AdWords Keyword Get Before It's Disabled?
Search Engine Watch Forums

"Click to conversion %'s in the 15-20% (or more) range, yet keywords continue to get put on hold or disabled. How is it possible that these keywords are irrelevant when they're converting at that kind of rate?"

U.S. vs Rest of The World Spelling
High Rankings Forum

"...all other things being equal, to what degree do the various search engines understand the different spellings of common words - and how does it affect search results and ranking? For example 'colour' is the English and International way of spelling what Americans spell as 'color'."

Bid Management Software
Cre8asite Forums

"I really need to use some kind of software as the day to day bid checking is taking up far too much of my staff's time."

Opinions on PPC for Hispanic Market?
Search Engine Watch Forum

"Quepasa told me over the phone that many of the users to their site are 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanic Americans that are largely more educated about the internet. Most all speak both Spanish and English, and over 45% of the estimated 14 million Hispanic users make a purchase online last year as opposed to lower numbers for different groups. Golden demographic or a bunch of backwash nonsense?"

Does Yahoo/MSN Like High PageRank Links?
High Rankings Forum

"All search engines give a preference to sites that are popular. That's all that PR tells you, so yes, they all like them. Of course, none of them (including Google) dislike low PR sites."

BadRank & Page Penalization
Search Engine Watch Forums

"Many, in the forums, feel that search engines would rarely penalize for being linked to by 'bad' sites. But these papers clearly discuss how a page that is being linked to by 'bad' sites but NOT linking back to any 'bad' sites will be penalized."

Is Adsense Going to Eventually Bust?
Webmaster World

"I currently do not use Adsense but am trying to decide if it's worth moving all my content around to add Adsense to my pages or just stick with regular affiliates. They may not be a quick buck but they seem, at the moment, a safer more permanent solution."

New Google Answering Facts
Webmaster World

"Soon enough Google won't need publishers, they will just answer everything themselves."

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

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