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Search Engine Marketers Prefer Manual Submission to Auto-Submit Tools

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Search Engine Marketers Prefer Manual Submission to Auto-Submit Tools

By Danny Sullivan
March 20, 2000

The results of a survey of web site marketers has found that most prefer to submit manually to search engines rather than use auto-submission tools. Most marketers said that this was because they "know" manual submission is more effective. Most respondents also said that they optimize their web pages for crawler-based search engines and submit only "when necessary." Those who do use auto-submit tools preferred software packages over web-based services.

About 300 readers of the I-Search mailing list responded to the survey, which was conducted in February. Results were presented by list moderator Detlev Johnson, at the recent Search Engine Strategies conference, in New York.

Full results are as follows:

Did you optimize your pages in any way before submitting?

Yes 98.5%
No 1.5%

How often do you submit?

When necessary 68.0%
Monthly 14.0%
Quarterly 10.0%
Weekly 3.0%
Daily 1.0%
Other 4.0%

How do you submit?

Manually 84.0%
Auto-submit tool 16.0%

Why do you submit manually?

Know it is more effective 60.0%
Think it is more effective 26.0%
Can't / don't want to auto submit 6.0%
Other 8.0%

Is your autosubmit tool web-based or software?

Software 71.0%
Web-based 29.0%

If you use a web-based service, how effective is it?

Very effective 43.0%
Somewhat effective 36.0%
Somewhat ineffective 21.0%
Not effective 0.0%

If you use a software package, how effective is it?

Very effective 26.1%
Somewhat effective 56.5%
Somewhat ineffective 8.7%
Not effective 8.7%

Which web-based service or software package do you use?

WebPosition Gold 44.0%
SubmitWolf 9.4%
VSE BeFound (Mac) 9.4%
Exploit Wizard 6.3%
JimTools 6.3%
Submit-It 6.3%
Proprietary 9.4%
Other 9.0%

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