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MSN adCenter vs. Google AdWords - Comparison Chart

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Now that the Search Alliance transition is complete, MSN is now the second largest search company, as Bing-powered searches account for nearly 28 percent of the market and Microsoft adCenter powers all paid search advertising on Bing and Yahoo.

In short, adCenter is growing. Because many people are new to the platform, I thought it would be helpful to do a comparison between AdWords and adCenter so that people just getting started on this platform would know a little better what to expect.

Rather than write a dissertation, I instead decided to make this at-a-glance chart:

AdWords vs. adCenter

*MSN has said you can have 50 campaigns if there is one ad group per campaign and 2,000 keywords in each ad group. They have said that the grouping limits are mostly set by how your account is structured, just be sure to keep in mind the overall account keyword limits.

AdWords vs. adCenter

*Each negative keyword at this level can contain up to 100 characters. The entire negative keywords list at this level, including commas, can contain up to 1,024 characters.

AdWords vs. adCenter

*MSN counts the body of your ad as one line that is comprised of 70 characters. Your line breaks are always at 35 characters.

AdWords vs. adCenter

*MSN uses a more advanced {Param} function. Check out Jeremy Hull's awesome guide to adCenter {param} function.

AdWords vs. adCenter

As I built this chart out I realized that I would never be able to do either tool it's fair justice, so I tried to keep things simple and based solely around what you could find in each tool directly. As there are many shifting parts and changes taking place on the regular, this data here is a snapshot in time.

Additionally, MSN has been vague in the past about some of the numbers present above. If you have personal experience that changes any of these numbers or figures, or if you have additional insight or questions just drop them in the comments below. Hope you find this helpful!

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