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The Week in Review - 20 July 2001

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SearchDay #54, July 19 - The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines
The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines is one of the most comprehensive, authoritative and just downright useful guides to what goes on under the hood of the major search services.

SearchDay #53, July 18 - Search Engine Cloaking: The Controversy Continues
SearchDay readers sound off on the ethics, practicality and effectiveness of search engine cloaking.

SearchDay #52, July 17 - New Search Patents
Newly issued patents offer fascinating glimpses of emerging search technologies -- including those that may pose serious threats to your favorite search engine.

SearchDay #51, July 16 - RealSearch with Internet Explorer
RealSearch lets you use your favorite search engine simply by typing your query into the address window of Internet Explorer.

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Sometimes Free is the Only Way,2350,10582_800711,00.html
A year ago, the high quality of some of the things offered for free on the Web reached absurd proportions. This year, overreaction will make the exact opposite true as a number of dot-coms attempt to impose charges for services of no intrinsic value.

Book Review: Search Engine Positioning
Want more hits? Get the inside story on how you can raise your rankings and get more qualified traffic.

Scour Re-invents Itself With Radio Stations,2198,3531_803141,00.html
San Francisco-based RadioCentral lends a technical hand in getting the infamous music site back up and running and profitable.

Your URL Here,3371,10380_803311,00.html
Ten offline methods for spreading your Web address around.

VeriSign Talks Up Plans for Global Voice Registry,2198,3531_805111,00.html
VeriSign wants to do for phones what it did with the Web: turning easy to remember Web addresses into IP numbers with a new Global Voice Registry.

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