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Fyuse: An Eclectic "My" Portal

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Customized web content tools take a variety of forms. The "my" portals available from Excite, Lycos and Yahoo are one example, integrating search with personalized features like news, stock quotes, and so on. Programs like Quickbrowse and NetCaptor allow you to simultaneously load multiple web sites via your browser.

Fyuze is a new project that's trying to take the best of breed and create a new type of portal. "Fyuse takes the concepts of web-clipping, push-technology, affiliation, and distributed content and encapsulates them into a slick, easy to use, highly customizable, semi-distributed internet application," says the FAQ on its site.

Translated, Fyuse allows you to aggregate content from a variety of web sources and organize it in a way that makes sense to you. You can include headlines from Wired, CNet or other news sources, postings from discussion sites like Slashdot and Plastic, and a wide range of other content.

Fyuse formats each source into its own box in your browser window, and you have extensive control over format and placement through intuitive, easy to use controls. You can also easily configure what's displayed from each source, including number of stories to show and whether to display descriptions of articles. You can also choose to display the site's logo and search form as well.

Fyuse is relatively new, and the content sources (at least at this point) seem to reflect the interests of its creators, focusing mostly in the tech/culture/weblog arenas. But it has a very well designed interface that should scale well as additional content sources are added. In addition, Fyuse provides tools that allow webmasters to distribute content, so it has the potential for breaking new ground in both aggregating and distributing web-based content.

In the meantime, it's a useful alternative to other web aggregation tools. If you're hungry to customize and streamline the way you scan for online content, Fyuse is worth a look.


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