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25 Social Media Link Building Queries for Content Promotion

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Social media sites present a tremendous opportunity for link builders, especially those focused on promoting and distributing linkable, lead-driving content. Earlier this week, Jeremy Bencken discussed this topic, offering "5 Tips to Kick Start Your Link Building via Social Media Monitoring."

Some link builders concentrate more on the do-follow social media sites, which is fine and has its place in the tool box. The queries in this article however will help you find niche-specific targets that are more likely to connect your content with a linking audience and an engaged community.

What You Need

  • Linkable content that demonstrates your organization's ability to solve core market problems.

  • Market Defining Keywords.

  • A community-facing writer with experience engaging with people in forum environments.

  • Your favorite search engine.

  • This query list.

10 Inurl Social Media Queries

  • [MDKW” inurl:register
  • [MDKW” inurl:login
  • [MDKW” inurl:signin
  • [MDKW” inurl:signup
  • [MDKW” inurl:sign_in
  • [MDKW” inurl:sign_up
  • [MDKW” inurl:log_in
  • [MDKW” inurl:registration
  • [MDKW” inurl:join
  • [MDKW” news inurl:submit (check Sphinn, SERPd, Tip'd for footprints)

4 Site-Specific Social Media Queries

  • [MDKW” twitter "list OR users"
  • [MDKW” "on twitter"
  • [MDKW” twitter "to follow"
  • [MDKW” "on facebook"

11 Generic Social Media Queries

  • [MDKW” social media intitle:list
  • [MDKW” social network
  • [MDKW” social network intitle:list
  • [MDKW” community
  • [MDKW” community intitle:list
  • [MDKW” forum
  • [MDKW” forum intitle:list
  • [MDKW” messageboard
  • [MDKW” messageboard intitle:list
  • [MDKW” "post reply"
  • [MDKW” social news

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