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"Invisible Web" Revealed

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"Invisible Web" Revealed

From The Search Engine Report
July 6,

Lycos and IntelliSeek, maker of the BullsEye desktop search utility, have teamed up to produce an index of search databases to help users find information that is invisible to search engines. The "Invisible Web Catalog" provides links to more than 7,000 specialty search resources. Users can browse listings, or Lycos will suggest appropriate databases within its own search results.

This is a great new tool because there's lots of helpful information locked away in databases that can never be indexed by search engines. No, Lycos isn't automatically searching these databases when you perform a search, which some people have mistakenly assumed. That's no simple task, though IntelliSeek says it is something that could possible happen in the future. Instead, the goal is to make these search resources more visible as alternative sources of information.

For instance, say you searched for "cancer." You'll notice in the search results that there's a link to "Reference > Searchable Databases > Health > Diseases > Cancer." If you click through, you'll discover some important cancer-related sites listed, with links that lead straight to their search pages. You can then select a resource and try a specific search there.

So to get the most out of the Invisible Web catalog, change your search strategy at Lycos. If you see a searchable database link in the results, consider clicking through to explore the resources there.

You can also browse the Invisible Web Catalog's listings by going to its home page. Follow the link below or just search for "invisible web" to find it. Once there, you can also choose to search just within the catalog for databases of interest.

Lycos Invisible Web Catalog

This takes you straight to the catalog. Those using non-US versions of Lycos should also go here to access the catalog, as listings are not being integrated into your search results.


Direct Search˜gprice/direct.htm

My co-panelist Nora Paul pointed this resource out at a recent search presentation we gave, and a great find it is. Like the Invisible Web Catalog, Direct Search takes you to all types of helpful specialty databases that may have the information you are looking for.


Another comprehensive guide to searchable databases. Browse or search through listings.

The Invisible Web
About Web Search Guide, June 11, 1999

A longer introduction to searching where search engines can't go, featuring some of the resources above and some additional ones.

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