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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

The Best Links Come from Knowing Thy Self
Think about what you love and then see how you might be able to create some content that would be of interest to the people in that community. Love is the secret ingredient to link building.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Newcomb Kevin

Google Changes Course on Nofollow
Google used to advise SEOs that using the nofollow attribute on internal links could help save PageRank for more important pages. Now Matt Cutts has said that's no longer the case.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

SEO Challenges of Restructuring a Site
It's one thing to make simple changes, where a page on the new site corresponds exactly to every page on your old site. But it's much tougher when you're making more fundamental changes to the layout, organization, and content of your site.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Microsoft Debuts New Bing TV Ads; Begins Multi-Channel Promotion
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

Last night, those of you tolerating watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' were shown the very first broadcast of the new Microsoft television advertising campaign promoting Bing. If you missed it, Bing has a YouTube channel (yes, I know! a YouTube channel! from Microsoft!). Here's one of the new ...
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Google Squared is Live!
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

A few weeks ago, Google announced a forthcoming search computation project called Google Squared. It's now live at (h/t Google Blogoscoped). Go explore your deepest need for knowledge via the spreadsheet results provided by Google Squared. Warning: This search is terribly imperfect. A search for Dunkin' Donuts flavors returned ...
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Search Companies Part of Fed Antitrust Investigation into Hiring Practices
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

Do tech companies have a secret agreement not to aggressively hire away talent from each other? That's the question behind a new federal antitrust investigation, and search companies are not immune. Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft have already received requests for information. Of course, it's easy to understand why companies would want ...
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Q&A with Miriam Warren, Director of Marketing at Yelp
Posted by Andrew Goodman Jun 5, 2009

Miriam Warren of Yelp is speaking at SES Toronto on June 9, on the panel "Follow the Carrot: Cool Mobile Apps" in the Geek Track. Miriam is director of marketing for Yelp, and is based in New York. She was gracious enough to respond to my detailed questions. I have to ...
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New Members Join SES Advisory Board
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Jun 5, 2009

Three new members are joining the Search Engine Strategies (SES) advisory board, joining 11 current members to guide the future direction of the search marketing conference series. The new advisory board members are: Brett Crosby, group PPM at Google; Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing; and Stewart Quealy, VP of ...
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Microsoft's adCenter Team Answers Your ProBING Questions
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

One of the biggest ponderings regarding the rebranding of Live Search to Bing has been: "How will this affect adCenter?" The adCenter team finally took to its blog to address this timely question. And the answer is.....drum roll please....It will not change adCenter at all. The number of ads shown ...
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Google Mobile App Now Available for Nokia S60 Smartphones
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

Nokia S60 devices are finally getting a Google Mobile App. They join the iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. Of course, Android is fully Google-icious. With the Mobile App for Nokia S60 devices, Google says it's addressing three main issues related to immediacy: access, location, and query formulation. The app can ...
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Eric Brown Tapped as Yahoo! SVP of Global Communications
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

Eric Brown has been appointed by Yahoo! to the role of senior vice president of global communications. Brown is charged with public relations, executive communications, product promotion, public affairs, internal communications, corporate reputation management, as well as social media outreach. He reports to Yahoo! chief marketing officer, Elisa Steele, who ...
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Hulu Wants to Rot Your Wallet
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

Hulu has made no secret of their plan to rot your brain. But apparently the motivation behind it is so that you'll unwittingly shell out moolah to pay to watch vids there in the future. At least, this is the opinion of NewsCorp's brand spankin' new chief digital officer, Jonathan Miller. ...
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New Ad Offering Combines Keywords with Display Ads, Plus Homepage Takeover
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 5, 2009

If you go to today or tomorrow, you'll notice a homepage takeover ad by Toyota featuring their hybrid Prius vehicle. It's part of a 2-day ad blitz campaign Toyota is conducting on the popular word lookup site, which sees 35 million visitors per month. You'll also see display ads when ...
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Possible *NEW* Beta Feature GOOGLE - New Tool - "Bid Simulator" in GOOGLE old UI. Jun 4, 2009
Accidently discovered this today, Google "Bid Simulator": It only appears in one of our Accounts on our MCC. So I am assuming we've been opted in a BETA Test. Here are the details: What is the Bid Simulator, and how does it work? ( Searchengineman Image:
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Buying & Selling 'internet real estate' Jun 3, 2009
Does anyone on here know someone who has been buying, tweaking and selling websites for a profit? I've heard a few guys state that they've been rather successful with it a couple of times (of course that doesn't mean ...
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Get myself removed from an Adwords Acct Jun 3, 2009
A past client added me to her Adwords Account. Now they have disappeared, and I'd like to be removed from that account and start my own. Since I don't have admin access, how do I get myself off their account? Any help would be appreciated.
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