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SearchDay | What Should You Do When You Get Canned?

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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

What Should You Do When You Get Canned?
Change is inevitable. You never know when you might encounter the folks you work with again and in what capacity. What goes around often comes around, so behave accordingly and it might just come back to you in a positive way.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

Improve Conversion Efficiency with Demandbase
Increasing conversion efficiency should be the goal of every Web site publisher. Regardless of what you're trying to accomplish with the sit, having a higher conversion rate than your competitor provides you with a strategic advantage.
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SEW Expert - Aaron Shear Aaron

Accessibility Can Be Profitable
More than ever, it's so very important that a Web site be created for everyone, including those who are blind or disabled. Not only will you get more search engine traffic, you'll gain users that may be a valuable part of your revenue stream.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

Big Brands are Starting To Get It -- or is Google Starting to Get Big Brands?
These larger Web sites have all of the natural elements that search engines look for. All they have to do is build a Web site that is remotely search engine friendly and institute some basic best practices for SEO and they'd enjoy the benefits that it has taken smaller firms years to accomplish. With proper consultation, these large brands could begin to dominate the SERPs, if they could just learn to get out of their own way.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Beta Tests Interest-Based Advertising
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 12, 2009

Google is launching a beta test of "interest-based" display advertising. What that means is that Google will use information from your browser to offer up relevant ads on their partner sites and YouTube. For advertisers, the obvious benefit is (hopefully) reaching a more targeted audience, better traffic and higher conversion ...
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Conductor Releases Study About Fortune 500 and Natural Search Trends
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 12, 2009

SEO measurement firm Conductor has released new data revealing natural search trends and their relationship to Fortune 500 firms. This data is particularly enlightening in the wake of a recent Google algorithm change, which many feel favors brands (but Matt Cutts denies). The Fortune 500 as a group spent approximately $51 ...
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Facebook Referring More Traffic to (Some) Big Sites than Google
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 12, 2009

Some big sites are getting big traffic, but it's not from the usual suspect of Google. Instead, it's from Facebook. and are among the sites benefitting from the word of mouth and social networking going on at Facebook. Interestingly enough, there is one more site benefitting from Facebook traffic: ...
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Google GeoTargeting Patents Show Influence of Language, Location
Posted by Frank Watson Mar 12, 2009

I finally understand that patents are written in Gypsy language, or so it would seem. David Harry, aka TheGypsy, has interpreted yet another series of Google patents that give insight into International and local search results. There are three patents he mentions, starting with one about "ordering of search results based ...
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Google Enables Driving Directions on Map Maker
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 12, 2009

Google Map Maker has gotten a few nice updates lately. 16 maps of countries developed through Map Maker were released to the official Google Maps. Then Map Maker was made available to 27 different languages and accessible through the Google Maps API. Now, Google Map Maker is getting Driving Directions. It ...
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Google Reprices Stock Options for 15,000 Employees
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 12, 2009

Google has repriced the stock options for 15,642 employees (out of about 20,000). All employees were eligible for the program that ended this past Monday. The reprice stock came in at $308.57. Since Google had been priced at upwards of $747 over a year ago, the repricing option was attractive to ...
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Facebook Expands to Hebrew and Arabic; Bebo Expands to Latino Community
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 12, 2009

Facebook has expanded to include the Hebrew and Arabic languages. In a post on the Facebook blog, Ghassan Haddad wrote: Meanwhile, Bebo has launched a Latino site for the U.S. "Expanding into new markets is a key pillar of our growth strategy, and we see huge potential for the growing Latino ...
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Google May Be Added To Dow Industrials
Posted by Frank Watson Mar 12, 2009

In the wake of some major blue chip companies falling in price, Google has been mentioned as a possible addition to the Dow Jones Industrial average, Reuters noted. Cisco has also been named as a possible new entry. "Other candidates include high-profile household names such as the world's largest credit card ...
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Sandbox? Mar 10, 2009
We launched an e-commerce site last year (May 08) and to this day the site still is not ranking for any of our optimized keywords in Google. Of course we are top 5 for these keywords in MSN and have been steadily building links since the site has been ...
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How to set up a Adword account with 2 or more users, separate login Mar 10, 2009
hello, A customer of mine as asked me to set up a Google Adwords account for him. He is a Gmail user so it would make sens to ask him to register and invite me. The problem with this is than on my main email address I already have a Adword account ...
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slab of links from one site - benefit/consequences Mar 10, 2009
Hello Searchwatch- Re: the SEO tactic of a slab of links 20-30-50 or more from one site pointing to another site. 1) What is the ranking consequence for the site that does it? 2) What is the benefit to the site getting these links. Yes it increases the number of inbound links. Can ...
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