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Microsoft's Search Champs have been hearing from Microsoft Research today about various projects, none of which is under NDA. And that's not surprising, given that nothing I've read blogged so far hasn't already been mentioned in a variety of stories over the past few months.

Nevertheless, you still might want to check out David Weinberger's rundown on Stuff I've Seen, personalization and answer search: Microsoft Research. And for fun, Swag covers the upside to spending a day with Microsoft. Liz Lawley provides a similar recap, sans swag: msr presentations to search champs. Meanwhile, Peter Da Vanzo jokes of swapping spam techniques with infamous Google spammer™ Greg Boser. (Hey, Greg!).

For more on Microsoft's answer search stuff and related Microsoft Research material, be sure to see Gary's past post: Microsoft Research Gets Serious About Search. He's also got a bit more on the personal stuff here: Search Everything You've Seen.

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