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Google CEO: "We are not building a browser"

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In the notes I posted after the Google conference call last week, I mentioned that the company doesn't plan to go the portal route. Of course, the 2004 definition of what a portal is might be different than it was a few years ago, but we can talk about that another time.

In a new Financial Times article:
Google rules out becoming net portal,
CEO Eric Schmidt again says no portal is in the making and offers up a comment on Google Browser rumors.

>From the article:

In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Schmidt said Google would not seek to turn its website into a broader internet portal, a move that would take it into more direct competition with Microsoft and Yahoo.

On Google's strategy going forward. Schmidt tells the FT,

"It's very possible that Google and Microsoft and Yahoo and others can all do well,” he said. "At this stage, the focus has to be on your customers and your own strategy."

On the many Google or GBrowser rumors:
"We are not building a browser," Mr Schmidt said.

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