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MSN Search Press Roundup

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Here's a look at some of the press coverage that the MSN Search beta launch is receiving today.

+ Microsoft Launches Search Beta: Platform Ho!
Source: Searchblog
...perhaps the most important news I gleaned from talking to [Microsoft's Justin] Osmer was this: Microsoft has every intention of opening up its search APIs and allowing third party developers to leverage their search platform for new and innovative applications. This is where the future lies, in my mind, and I find that declaration a refreshing indication of where Microsoft is heading.

+ Microsoft Unveils Its Internet Search Engine, Quietly
Source: New York Times
The highest-ranking official who was willing to discuss the rollout was Adam Sohn, director of sales and marketing for the MSN Web portal. He said Microsoft's intention was not to compete with Google, currently the Internet's dominant search engine, but instead to "delight" its own customers...But while dismissing talk of an Internet search war, Mr. Sohn acknowledged that Microsoft hoped its new search abilities might entice Web surfers who do not have what he termed a "religious" commitment to Google.

+ Microsoft gets in on search party
Source: USA Today
Forrester analyst Charlene Li says the bottom line on Microsoft's search moves is that the world's biggest software maker is now able to compete with Google and Yahoo. This finally brings Microsoft to the table," she says. "It's like there's this party, and one person has been missing -- Microsoft. Now the party can begin.

+ MSN Search takes on Google and Yahoo!
Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
To get people to switch from Google, (MSN Search) is going to have to deliver noticeably better results right away, and I just think that's hard to do, at least for Web pages," said Matt Rosoff, an analyst with Kirkland-based research firm Directions on Microsoft.

+ Search engine ready to roll
Microsoft to present its new challenge to Yahoo, Google

Source: San Francisco Chronicle
Mark Mahaney, an analyst for American Technology Research, said that Microsoft's future in search is helped by its deep pockets and the popularity of its MSN portal, one of the busiest Internet destinations. He added that Microsoft could really gain market share if it eventually incorporated the new search engine into its dominant browser, Internet Explorer. Of course, it's a negative development for Google and Yahoo because you have a major company coming in that has the ability to really promote the hell out of it," Mahaney said

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