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Time-Warner Owns More than 5 Million Shares of Google

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The Reuters article: Broadband boosts Time-Warner profit discusses the media conglmerates latest earnings and also points out that T-W is a major shareholder of Google stock. If you check the SEC filing you'll find a section about Google.

Further, in relation to Google, in May 2004, America Online exercised a warrant for approximately $22 million and received approximately 7.4 million shares of Series D Preferred Stock of Google Inc. Each of these shares converted automatically into shares of Google’s Class B Common Stock immediately prior to the closing of Google’s initial public offering on August 24, 2004. In connection with this offering, America Online converted 2,355,559 shares of its Google Class B Common Stock into an equal number of shares of Google’s Class A Common Stock. Such Class A shares were sold in the offering for $195 million, net of the underwriters’ discounts and commissions, resulting in a gain of approximately $188 million. Following this transaction, America Online holds 5,081,893 shares of Google’s Class B Common Stock...The Company does not consider its remaining interest in Google to be a strategic investment.

Two major "institutional shareholders", Fidelity Management and Capital Research & Management own approximately the same amount of shares.

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