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Wikipedia Plus Dynamic Search Term Suggestions = WikiWax

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Surfwax has just launched its LookAhead search term suggestion technology combined with Wikipedia into a new site calledWikiWax. Over 600,000 Wikipedia index terms are listed with more than 2,000,000 LookAhead rotations available. Remember, you'll see LookAhead offering suggested entries prior to clicking the search button.

What's a term rotation?

LookAhead automatically rotates Wikipedia index terms, so you can find Abraham Lincoln under both Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln, Abraham. LookAhead automatically inserts a comma after the first word on topics that are rotated, e.g., Abraham, Lincoln.

Another example. A term rotation could also help find the entry for the Boston Tea Party. Of course, it would be found if the searcher enters Boston Tea Party. However, term rotation will also point out the entry if the searcher begins their search by first typing the words "tea party."

By the way, after clicking the search button, you're taken directly to the article on the site.

Also, should you find LookAhead oddly familiar to Google Suggest, be aware that Surfwas was actually offering this technology months before Google Suggest, combined with with their news search engine. I blogged about LookAhead and something similar from AOL in this January post.

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