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No Foolin, Gmail Remains in Beta But Increases Amount of Storage Space

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Lots of us were wondering if Gmail would leave beta today, it's first anniversary. The answer, according to this article, is no. Gmail remains in beta.

However, the same story reports that Google is doubling the amount of storage space it offers from 1GB to 2GB today and then will add a "yet-to-be-determined amount of extra storage daily with no plans to stop." It looks as if the day of the unlimited inbox is here.

"We wanted to make sure we have a plan in place for when people reach their storage limit," he [Google's Georges Harik] explained. "We don't want people to worry that they might run out."

About a week ago, Yahoo announced they'll soon begin offering 1GB of storage for users of their free email service. They already provide 2GB of storage and other services for users of Yahoo Mail Plus which costs $20 per year.

Lycos UK currently offers 10GB of online storage (not only email) for about 3.50 pounds per month. Another service, Streamload(we blogged about them in January) is really a virtual desktop and storage provider. They offer 10GB of free storage (not only email, you can even stream files) but limits the amount of material you can download each month to 100Mb. For about $45/year Streamload offers unlimited storage space and the ability to download 12GB during the year. Other plans are also available.

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