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Google To Start Indexing Web Video

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We've been wondering when this was going to happen. reports that Larry Page told an audience at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association show today that Google will soon provide access to more video content. Page said, "We're going to start taking video submissions from people" in the next few days."

I'm wondering if this means Google will crawl video files on public web servers or only index video files that are submitted to them. Also, will they combine web-video with the television "stills" available from Google Video or create a new index. Only time will tell.

Yahoo Video, which indexes video on public web servers, was launched in December. At the same time, Yahoo introduced Media RSS, an "enclosure" that allows content providers to share additional metadata about a video file to help improve indexing. It's also worth watching to see if Google will make use of Media RSS metadata. Yahoo added a tab link on the Yahoo home page to Yahoo Video Search in January.

Specialized web catalogs of web-based multimedia have been online for many years with services from AltaVista and AllTheWeb. Engines like Feedster and Blogdigger are now providing special interfaces for video and other multimedia file types (eg. podcasts) often found in blog posts. AOL's SingingFish also provides access to streaming video files from various sources.

For more about other types of video search tools, see this blog post from January.

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