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Google Advertising Professionals Program Now Qualifies Companies, Offers Hosted Pages & Credits

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New features just added to the Google Advertising Professionals Program mean you can get promotional credits, company-wide qualification and your own professional status page hosted by Google.

  • Promotional Credits are for those in the US and provide you $50 to spend as a way to win a new client. You can earn up to 60 sets of $50 credits -- or $3,000 -- per year. More details in the FAQ page.
  • Qualified Company Status means that your entire company can be deemed as approved by Google. Until now, only individuals could earn such status. More details here.
  • Professional Status Pages are something now offered to any qualified Google advertising professional. This lets you have your own page hosted by Google, another way to prove to clients that you really do have a relationship with Google. More details here.

Sorry, no news of a feature to protect you as a Google Advertising Professional from having Google still deem it worthwhile to take an account away from you.

What! The Google AdWords Professional Status Not Good Enough For Google thread in our Search Engine Watch Forums has some details on one professional finding Google wanted to bigfoot a client away from them. See also Black Hat PPC Management for some other discussion of the program and various viewpoints on its usefulness.

Is Google ever going to figure out how to handle Ad Agencies? is another recent thread worth a peek, though not specifically about the program. Google Adwords Professionals - First batch of qualified SEMs due this week also has some recent discussion.

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