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New Anti-Google Domains & Others Not Owned By Google

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I've blogged before about new domains that Google has registered, such as But in my regular monitoring, here are a few new Googleish domains registered by those outside the Googleplex, including some who seem like they'd never want to step inside of it.

  • A new message board that also uses an interesting version of the Google logo.
  • Not much there. This person has also registered In case you're wondering, Google registered and several years ago.
  • Not live yet, but doesn't sound like they're happy with Google.
  • MyGoogleLawsuit: Another one that's not yet live.
  • darth-google: New blog that says it's not anti-Google but trying to raise awareness of getting independent sites ranked. OK, not a new Google domain name registered, but still interesting to include in the list. Ironically, the blog is hosted on Google's Blogger service.
  • F*Google: We'll spare you the full name. This is a family blog, after all. But relatively new site that probably isn't going to win kudo points with Google.
  • A metasearch engine that uses the Google name and a strikingly similar logo but doesn't actually provide Google results. Like I said the other day about GoogSpy, you've got to wonder if a cease and desist letter is coming from Mountain View sometime soon.

Probably the longest-standing and most substantial anti-Google site remains Google Watch, founded back in 2002. It's been around long enough to have its own anti site, Google Watch Watch. And just in case you're wondering, yes, there's even a domain registered -- though no web site to go with it.

Finally, Google Watch Watch is a .org web site that isn't associated with Google. But Google does own!

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