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Flap Over Political Ads Underscores Problems With Google Delay In Reviewing Ads

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More calls that Google might be to slow in reviewing ads to ensure they meet its guidelines are covered in this Media Post story, Google Slow To Police AdWords.

The article focuses on last week's removal of ads from both conservative organization and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Both ads, which ran on April 28, were ultimately taken down by Google for violations of the editorial policy, but RightMarch's ad was removed earlier than the anti-Delay ad, leading to accusations of left-wing bias.
Google declined to state how long ads are online before being reviewed, or how many ads are rejected a day. But others in the industry say that it can take a few days before Google catches on that there's a problem with an ad. Peter Hershberg, a managing partner at search engine marketing company Reprise Media, said it typically takes Google's editorial team 72 hours to remove ads that violate Google's policies.

Issues with Google's ad policing system and policies far from new. In January, I posted about some strange/inappropriate ads that I seen. This Business Week article: Google's Ads -- and Minuses, contains more examples.

Danny's NYT On Google Ad Copy Policies - Overture Barely Gets A Mention covers how all ads at Google are supposed to be reviewed by humans, ideally within 24 hours. Also see Google Posts New Ad Guidelines which explains that political ads are allowed, as long as they take issue with issues, rather than individuals.

Postscript: I just came across a story that reports that this weekend anti-Delay ads were still appearing on Google results pages.

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