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Google's Chef Decides to Say Goodbye

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In late December, I blogged that Google was searching for a Lead Chef. I was a bit surprised to see this. What about Charlie, Google's star chef? Today, it appears that we now know why Google was looking to fill this position. Charlie Ayers, Google's famous chef, has decided to leave the company according to this story from the San Jose Mercury News.

In addition his work at Google, Ayers was also a chef for The Greatful Dead.

Ayers even had the chance to speak to financial analysts during an event at Google last year. Danny called Charlie the CFO, the Chief Food Officer. Worth noting that the other CFO (Chief Financial Officer) did not speak at the event.

According to the article the precise reason for his departure is unknown but, "rumors swirled among employees and corporate cafe circles that he was retiring rich or wanted to start something on his own."

Btw, during a visit to the Googleplex I was able to sample several of Charlie's culinary delights. In my opinion, all of the reports about his cooking being first-rate are very accurate.

You don't think he's leaving to work on the Foodgle project that we blogged about on April 1st. (-:

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