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Yahoo CEO: 2005 Is For Making More Search Revenue & Better Ad Targeting Through Personal Info

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Yahoo CEO: Better Search Monetization Is Top Co Priority from Dow Jones has Yahoo's Terry Semel saying that increasing the revenue earned per search is the company's "largest and most important project" in the search space. Now that the core search effort of 2004 is apparently considered overcome, cranking up the revenue is what the tech teams are focused on this year. Not exactly reassuring words for searchers, who might hope that the most important project remains a focus on relevancy. But, the comments did come at a conference aimed at investing types.

Meanwhile, Yahoo is going to tap into the tons of data is has about users to better target ads. If Google said something like that, pitchforks would be out, privacy advocates enraged and the question of whether Google was really secretly evil would hit the blogosphere. Yahoo said this last Thursday, and so far, nada.

Everyone, of course, is going to do more targeting of ads (and search results) based on personal data. It's even a good thing, in many ways. But it would be nice to see the industry perhaps look more at how to prepare consumers for this coming. A bit more on this in this past post, Better Search Privacy Needs Addressing Overall.

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