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The Google IPO: One Year Later; Details of Correspondence Between Google and SEC Revealed

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As we approach the first anniversary of the Google IPO later this week (Friday, to be precise), expect to find LOTS of stories that review Google's first year as a public company. Today, Verne Kopytoff has two very noteworthy reads in the SF Chronicle.

First, Google's growing pains: A year after its IPO, despite soaring stock, firm adjusts to growth, includes quotes from Marissa Mayer and Peter Norvig.*

Second, and really interesting is Kopytoff's article: How SEC held search engine's feet to the fire in its IPO filing.

After filing a request, The Chronicle got access to letters between the Securities and Exchange Commission and Google that, "reveal the many hoops the company had to jump through to become publicly traded." Verne's article offers highlights from the letters.

* In the article, Kopytoff mentions how Google recently began (actually it was officially launched in February and began as a test in October 2004) including inline images from their image database at the top of a web results page. Google was not the first to offer this feature. Inline images on a web results pages were first offered by Ask Jeeves in 2003 and continue today.

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