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Google: The Telecom Provider, Leases Massive Amount of Space in NYC

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The NY Post article (reg. required, free): Google Feeling Lucky, offers a massive amount of fuel to the Google, your telecom company story. According to The Post, Google is leasing 270,000 sq. feet in a Chelsea office building that's known as a telecom carrier "hotel" because the Eighth Avenue building is home to thousands of servers (from many carriers including BellSouth, MCI, Qwest, and Sprint) and the critical infrastructure to support them.

"111 Eighth Avenue is the premier telecom and data facility in the United States," said Neal McGraw, the chief financial officer of NYC Connect LLC, which operates a facility in the building that allows tenants to connect their networks efficiently and at a low cost.

Also worth noting:

[The buildings] concentration of interconnected networks would allow Google to offer its new voice-over-Internet service, Google Talk, more efficiently and at lower cost because it would be able to connect directly to the networks of many of the world's leading telecom firms that are also housed there.

One telecom analyst tells The Post that he and his colleagues have never seen a network buildup on this scale.

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