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Danny's On Vacation!

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That's it, I'm done! More or less, for the next two weeks. I'm heading back to California with my family for a break. I'll be online very briefly one day next week, to catch up and blog a few items. Readers, have no fear. Gary's around, then Chris, keeping things fresh as we mentioned before in this schedule. Those after me for a briefing, to pitch a story and so on? Wait until I get back, or hit up Gary or Chris (but look at that schedule, because they're around in only limited fashion, as well). Want to speak at SES Chicago? DO NOT THINK OF EVEN MESSAGING ME UNTIL YOU'VE READ THIS PAGE. Please? Please!

That page has the entire production schedule and where I stand with things. It's too late to pitch a new session. Agenda goes up next week.

I'm contacting returning and short-list speakers first, so please all of that group, just sit tight while I get to you. That page also explains when session openings beyond my short list candidates will be posted.

Messaging me now will not NOT NOT get you on the short list. You're just slowing me down. Messaging me while I'm on vacation will show me down further. Plus, sending a message pretty much means you'll get lost under the email morass I'll be digging out from under.

Just wait until the schedule tells you to pitch, and you'll be fine. That's why I have the schedule.

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