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The Google-Riya Rumor and Image/Face Recognition Searching

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Ready for some material for your "Google is Going to Acquire" rumor list? Om Malik (a very trustworthy source) places the rumor that Google is going to acquire Riya, an online photo service, in his "highly rumored and unconfirmed category." Riya is based in California and uses face recognition and text recognition to automatically tag and search photos. That sure sounds Google.

Om writes:

Riya, as a company hasn?t even launched, and is supposed to have a coming out event at Tech Crunch?s BBQ this friday! Riya?s technology could be used to extend Google?s reach in the picture domain, where they are completely overshadowed by Yahoo. If this company ends up in the hands of Yahoo, well as far as photos go, its end game! I wonder if Microsoft made a play for the company? Of course, Riya is just the kind of technology that could help tag the photos of the big GigaPixel project.

Niall Kennendy has posted that it's a done deal. Techcruch also has comments.

I've posted about image/face recognition search in the past. These posts contain lots of links and a few demos.
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This post includes a link to a German site where you can limit your search to only images that contain a human face are visible.
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